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Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Let's Learn and Earn in Affiliate Marketing with "TISH"

Hurray! Since a lot of people requesting me to have a course for what I'm doing to earn massive income. Well here it is!


Hi, I’m Natasha aka TISH’S FREEBIES.

I’m a Latina Content Creator that started my online journey in 2018. I’m an Extreme Clearance Hunter and Couponer.

I teach my followers how to find affordable deals & freebies on items including home essentials, beauty, makeup, fashion, toiletries, baby products, food, and so much more! I teach them how to find these deals in-store and also online.

Some of the major stores that I’m an affiliate for include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Macy’s, Bath & Body Works, etc.


I find daily deals for my followers so they can maximize their savings. We all could use freebies & savings tips!

Are you EXCITED? So do I, but wait here's what you get if you enroll in this affiliate course of mine!

500 Free Deals (One Month).

Different Affiliate Platforms.

Learn how to grow your social media sites.

A community where you can get free deals daily.

Yes a bunch of knowledge and future earnings, to make your money into profit.

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